Jamaica’s NDTC Performance in Miami Fund-Raiser for Rex Nettleford Foundation

The Rex Nettleford Foundation has received a significant boost with the donation of half a million Jamaican dollars from Jamaica Awareness Incorporated, a Florida-based, non-profit organization. The donation represents proceeds from the mounting of a performance of the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) at the Coral Spring Center for the Arts in Miami, Florida.

President and Executive Director of Jamaica Awareness Incorporated, Mr. Sydney Roberts, visited The UWI, Mona this week, met with representatives of both the UWI and the NDTC, and handed over the cheque which will be a significant contribution to the Foundation which plans to offer scholarships, training in the Arts, and also fund youth leadership programmes which can form a part of the educational system in the Caribbean, a matter which was very dear to the heart of Professor Nettleford.

According to Mr. Roberts, the NDTC performance was a huge success, attracting a significant Caribbean audience as well as many Floridians who over the years have developed a tremendous admiration for this outstanding Jamaican Dance company which now has an international reputation. President Roberts, who has sponsored all the visits of the NDTC to Miami since l992, said he had a very special interest in ensuring the success of this most recent performance because of the great respect which he and all Caribbean people had for Professor Nettleford whose death has left a tremendous void in the cultural communities across the world.

Mr. Roberts has also been persuaded to offer his years of experience in mounting these events to several groups across North America, as well in the UK, which are anxious to undertake similar events which can strengthen the finances of the Nettleford Foundation.

The group offered its sincere appreciation for the contribution, as well as Mr. Roberts’ willingness to share his expertise with other groups.

Jamaica Awareness INC was formed in l984 in direct response to a rapidly growing Caribbean population and interest in Caribbean art forms. Incorporated in l985 as a Florida-based non profit, it identified community and governmental support and began its growth as one of Florida’s prolific producers of Caribbean music, theatre, dance and other art forms. Today, Jamaica Awareness presents both internationally and nationally a wide-range of Caribbean arts and artists from the Caribbean basin.