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Rex Nettleford and The UWI

Rex spent most of his adult life at The University of the West Indies, except for three years at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship.

His curriculum vitae shows how he ascended the academic ladder, from Resident Tutor in the Extra- Mural Department, through Director of Studies of the Trade Union Education Institute, Director of Extra-Mural Studies, Professor of Extra-Mural Studies, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and eventually Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, discharging all responsibilities of those offices with credit to himself discipline and integrity and benefit to the institution. He did all this while engaged in vast number of numerous activities in a wide range of areas and geographies countries and accumulating numerous accolades and awards that speak to his varied talents.

Professor The Honourable Rex Nettleford, OM, FIJ, OCC

Renaissance Man: A Documentary of the Life of Professor The Honourable Rex Nettleford, OM, FIJ, OCC

On Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. (EST), the Rex Nettleford Foundation will celebrate Professor Nettleford’s life and legacy with a viewing of “Renaissance Man” A Documentary of the Life of Professor The Honourable Rex Nettleford, OM, FIJ, OCC.

Books by/about Rex Nettleford

Jamaica’s Michael Manley

Caribbean Cultural Identity: The Case of Jamaica

Roots and Rhythms: Jamaica’s National Dance Theatre

All humanity, and within it Jamaica, the Caribbean, the world of dance and culture, academe in our region and beyond, have all lost in Rex Nettleford a rare “incandescent eagle”.

UWI Chancellor Emeritus Sir Shridath Ramphal

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